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Jason Wed Mar 25 2015 at 6:55 am
Hello Linda,
We do take wildlife very seriously, this is why we are trying to clean the pond that will enable us to stock with fish and introduce more frogs, insects and other wildlife, introducing these types will then introduce other types such as birds, squirrels, mice etc.
We have placed nest boxes around the park and plan to fix more of these.
Nature is wonderful and adapts very quickly, you will see that there is actually more wildlife now than there was when the park was overrun with plastic bottles, smashed glass, litter, dirty nappies, plastic bags etc.
On a final note, it is Calderdale council who have the final with what gets pruned in the park, we as a group are supporting Calderdale trying to restore the park back to how it was, a nice tidy, colourful place full of wildlife where the whole community can enjoy.
Why don't you attend one of our meetings, it is on the first Thursday of every month starting at 7pm in the Holywell Green church and get involved with the park.

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