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peter mackerill Wed Mar 25 2015 at 9:32 pm
Its a sad fact of life when many years ago horchts uk with the help of some who lived in the village at the time and local a well respected cllr pearson arranged with calderdale to put the football pitchs on there along with the changing room block with money from the dismantling off the clock tower and removal of said clock as this was too big to be put back and restored after the old factory was demolisted and was given to calderdale council to look after and use for the local people along with the filling in of the old swimming pool and replacement of this with the pond area it should have been the coucils repair bill not yours as with all things that are given to the council  are cash strapped and repairs are not done so things fall into disrepair typical is the answer so money given in one hand is wasted in the other i commend what you are doing but feel that we involed many years ago in trying to give a bit back will feel angry at what as happend in shaw park and all i can say is i hope in 10 to 15 years time it is still in good repair.

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