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Stanley Wed Apr 1 2015 at 7:56 pm
I think most of the hard pruning took place from Christmas onwards, and was complete (although the prunings weren't immediately chipped) before the birds would have begun nesting.

As a regular visitor to the park I've been really pleased to see the Council lads working so hard to clear the overgrown trees and shrubs. It's really opened the views of the park up, particularly the area around the pond and the old swimming pool - an area that was previously hidden from view and was quite an isolated part of the park to walk through. The rockery below the folly was overgrown with self seeded conifers, obscuring the view of those lovely buildings, it's really made them feel more like a feature of the park, especially since the path up into the rockery has been cleared too.

Finally, as a bit of an aging hippy, I was pleased to see the prunings were chipped and put back onto the land to decompose, reducing the carbon footprint of the work.

Well done Calderdale, and thank you to the Restoration Group for all your efforts, the community does appreciate you.

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